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Competition Category

  • Primary School Category

  • Secondary School Category

  • Tertiary Category

Full-time students from Hong Kong may enrol as an individual or in groups with max. 3 members to either one of the categories below.

Format and Requirements:

  • Theme: E&M IoT Application for government services.

  • The proposal should be written either in Chinese or English with max. 250 words. It could be supported by the idea map or drawings.

  • Maximum 10 A4 (210 x 297 mm) pages of supplementary sheets are allowed.

Proposal Submission

  • Please download the enrolment form from the "Smart@GWIN" E&M IoT Application Challenge website, OR complete the enrolment form online and submit the proposal.

  • Proposal may also be mailed to: The Secretariat, "Smart@GWIN" E&M IoT Application Challenge, 6/F, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

  • Entries must be submitted together with the enrolment form with contact details of the participants.


Judging Criteria

Primary School Category

Secondary School Category



Originality and Creativity




Future Development Potential




Technical knowledge and application




Impact and Effectiveness on Society




Quality of Submission






10 May 2022

Launching Ceremony

It would be held in full virtual mode via ZOOM. 

May-June, 2022

GWIN Workshop

Workshop agenda includes introduction to GWIN, its functions, technology and E&M applications together with Q&A on any queries. It would also introduce the works and innovation and technology projects of the EMSD. Registration link:

31 July 2022

Enrolment Deadline

Early August 2022

1st Stage Assessment Results Announcement

  • 10 entries from each Category will be shortlisted to enter the 2nd Stage Assessment

  • Shortlisted participants will be announced on the event website and notified individually.

Late August 2022

GWIN Summer Camp

  • Tailored for the Secondary School and Tertiary Categories. Each shortlisted team from these 2 categories may send up to 3 members to join.

  • Aim to introduce the basic knowledge and technology of GWIN and let participants experience the GWIN functions. Offer workshops to help the teams develop their GWIN prototypes and train their presentation skill.

Early October 2022

2nd Stage Assessment

  • Shortlisted teams from 1st stage assessment are required to present the proposal.

  • The judging panels would shortlist the most appropriate teams based on the judging criteria.

Early November 2022

Final and Award Presentation Ceremony

Shortlisted teams from 2nd stage assessment would be invited to present their proposals in Inno@E&M Open Day 2022 which would be organised in early Nov 2022. Public would vote for the favourite team. The award presentation would be also conducted in Inno@E&M Open Day 2022.


Prizes and Awards


Prizes and Awards

Primary School


Champion:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$5,000

First Runner-up:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$3,000

Second Runner-up:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$1,500

Favourite Team Award: Trophy, Certificate and Cash HK$5,000

Judges Commendation Awards (2 winners): Certificate and Cash HK$800 each

Consolation Prizes (5 winners) :Cash HK$400 each

Secondary School


Champion:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$8,000

First Runner-up:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$4,500

Second Runner-up:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$2,500

Favourite Team Award: Trophy, Certificate and Cash HK$8,000

Judges Commendation Awards (2 winners): Certificate and Cash HK$1,000 each

Consolation Prizes (5 winners) :Cash HK$500 each

Tertiary Category

Champion:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$10,000

First Runner-up:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$6,000

Second Runner-up:Trophy、Certificate and Cash HK$3,000

Favourite Team Award: Trophy, Certificate and Cash HK$10,000

Judges Commendation Awards (2 winners): Certificate and Cash HK$1,200 each

Consolation Prizes (5 winners) :Cash HK$600 each

*All participants will receive a certificate of participation

Rules and Regulations

  1. There is no limit on the number of entries to this Competition submitted by each participant/ team; 

  2.  All entries must be unpublished original proposals and must not be posted on any social media (such as Facebook) before the results are published; 

  3. Participants should ensure that submissions do not contain pornography, violence, bad awareness or commercial and religious propaganda, nor do they constitute defamatory, indecent, offensive, racial misunderstanding or discrimination;

  4. The Organiser reserves all rights of the proposal submitted including their copyright and all other related rights. The Organiser also reserves all rights to use all or part of the contents of the entries for the purpose of promotion, exhibition and/or printing without obtaining the participants’ prior consent and offering any form of reward or copyright royalty charge;

  5. The Organiser will not send any notification after receiving the entries. All entries will not be returned;

  6. Entries that do not comply with the above Rules and Regulations will be disqualified;

  7. The decision of the judging panel over every instance shall be final and unchallengeable and in their absolute discretion;

  8. The Organiser reserves the right, at their discretion, to interpret and/or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Competition;

  9. Participants should read and understand fully the Rules and Regulations of the Competition.  By submitting any entry, the participant hereby agrees to be bound by all the Rules and Regulations of the Competition.

Protection of Personal Data

  1. The personal information submitted by the participant will only be used for the Competition.

  2. Participants are entitled to access and correct their personal data in accordance with sections 18 and 22 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) and the 6th principle of Schedule 1.

  3. If the participant wants to access or correct any information, he/she should submit the requests in writing and send it to the GWIN Competition Secretariat.

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